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Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, WKRB is a Class-D Noncommercial, Educational Radio Station broadcasting at 10-watts, in stereo on 90.3MHz.  WKRB has been broadcasting since May 1978, initially on the frequency 90.9 FM and moved to the frequency 90.3 FM in April 2006. WKRB has the potential to reach the southern portion of Brooklyn with our 10-watt terrestrial signal. WKRB also streams through the website, hosted by Live365. Our webstream can also be accessed through free apps on smartphones such as Tune In Radio, or via the Kingsborough app, KBCC Mobile .

Throughout the years, WKRB has carried a variety of formats including Rock, Disco, Hip-Hop, Top-40 and many others. From the mid-1980s through 1993, WKRB was known as “B-91, the Rhythm of the City”, and was one of the first stations in the New York area to popularize Dance music as a radio format (now known as CHR Rhythmic). Since then, WKRB has followed a variety of formats, in addition to numerous specialty programs. WKRB currently follows a CHR Rhythmic format focusing on EDM throughout the day, and airs specialty shows with different formats in the evenings and weekends.

Countless graduates have launched very successful broadcasting careers after working at WKRB throughout their course of study at Kingsborough. The experience you can gain here is invaluable if you are planning for a career in the media. WKRB also welcomes students of any major, simply looking to participate as an extracurricular club activity. Many of our most involved students are not broadcast majors and have equal access to our facilities and operational positions within the organization.

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with programming that is creative, professional and diverse while serving as training for students seeking to make broadcasting their career.



WKRB is a club on the campus of Kingsborough Community College. To join WKRB, you must be currently enrolled in matriculated classes at Kingsborough Community College. You must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA. Each prospective student must complete a training program to become a member of the station. Training sessions are in the Fall and Spring semesters only. The training program is comprised of one, one hour session a week for 6 weeks. During the training, each student will be trained by either peers, or facutly members. You will learn how to operate our equipment, talk on-air, follow our EDM format, FCC requirements and more! Once the training is complete, each student will be evalutated individually. After all requirements are met, a student will become a member of the station and can obtain an on-air shift. For more information about training and how you can be a member, email us at:

Facilities are only available to current students who complete training and are evaluated. WKRB does not rent studio time, record music or albums, or air commericals. Access to WKRB and its facilities are also not available to non-matriculated students, outside entities or anyone who is not currently enrolled and matriculated at Kingsborough Community College.